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Orvick Management Group specializes in residential and commercial multi-tenant real estate property management.  OMG is small enough to give each property the "hands on" attention it deserves, yet experienced enough to provide expert management and professional accounting.

Day to Day Operations

OMG handles all tenant issues, leasing responsibilities, and after-hours requirements.  OMG will visit your property weekly at a minimum.  With new properties or properties that require special attention, you can expect daily visits.  OMG provides 24-hour emergency support for all tenants, on-site employees, and property owners.  

Determine Rent Levels

  OMG will closely monitor existing rental market conditions to be used in setting rent levels for both new & existing tenants.  Rent surveys from surrounding properties will be conducted regularly.  

Tenant Screenings

OMG, with approval of the property owner and abiding by all current laws, will set new tenant screening parameters.  All prospective tenants, at a minimum, will have their credit report reviewed, a recommendation from their past landlord secured and have their employment status verified.

Rent Payment Procedures

This procedure includes rent collection, service of 3-Day Notices, collection of late fees and filing unlawful detainer actions.  OMG will represent property owners in all court proceedings as the owner's agent.  An attorney will be retained when necessary at the expense of the property owner.

Property Expenditures

OMG will inspect all maintenance issues and review contracts with outside vendors on behalf of property owners as necessary.  OMG will supervise landscapers, janitorial providers, pool maintenance, lot sweepers, garbage haulers, tow services and all other required service providers.

On-Site Personnel

All on-site personnel are employees of OMG, thus eliminating the property owner of the responsibility of IRS and EDD filings, worker's compensation insurance, health insurance, and additional employer burdens.  Any cost attributable to on-site employees is the expense of the property owner and shall be paid out of the operating account as reimbursement to OMG.

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